2018 in review, 2019 in preview!

With 2018 now drawing to a close and 2019 fast upon us, I thought I would take a brief moment to reflect on some of the highlights of the last year and share with you some of the big things I hope to achieve in the one coming.


Photo highlights

Here’s a collection of 30 or so of my favourite images taken over the past year.

Lessons learned

  1. I really, really, really enjoy shooting with holi powder! The way it compliments action photography is very much up my alley. The bright colours are so eye-catching and dynamic. I hope to make this a cornerstone of my business going forward.

  2. The importance of getting an image right in camera (vs capturing it piecemeal then stitching it together later in Photoshop) cannot be understated! It saves a huge amount of time during post-production and it forces me to become a better photographer. I really enjoy the editing process, but I’m very much over spending hours fixing something over and over that I could have gotten right on set if I had only spent the time to do so.

  3. Further to point #2, overall I need to learn to stop wasting time. Time is, by far and away, the most valuable thing I have. Less time spent duplicating efforts means more time spent with my family and friends. I hadn’t realized how much time I spent on various projects that I hadn’t budgeted for. In 2019, I’m making sure to take into account the “hidden” time I spent on each project and incorporating that into my business plan.

  4. I receive a great deal of personal edification through my art and photography! It makes me feel whole. Thank you to everyone who views my work, provides me feedback and supports my business. You mean the world to me.



This is going to be the year where I finally sit down and try to learn off-camera flash. I’m a total novice when it comes to flash and I will be starting at square one. It’s a bit uncomfortable to start over at the beginning after finally finding myself comfortable in the type of work I’ve been doing. However, there are certain situations where flash will help catapult my images to new heights. Low-light holi action shots, I’m looking at YOU.

Jess Bell Photography - Dogs in Action workshop

Dogs in Action Workshop with Claudio Piccoli

The Canadian Dogs in Action workshop has sold out. It’s Claudio’s only stop in all of North America in 2019, and I’m so incredibly pleased that he’s opted to join me here! It’s due to take place in early September, 2019. I can’t wait to work shoulder to shoulder with Claudio, and to meet everyone who’s registered.


I’m revamping my photography business to focus on the creation of art for your walls, not just your computer screens. There’s nothing quite like seeing your work printed BIG and hung on a wall. It gives my art life, substance, and a certain dimension that it’s been lacking.

Come on 2019, I can’t wait to meet you!