Model call - flighted birds

MODEL CALL - trained, flighted bird.

Please help me find the perfect candidate!

What: Bird that will fly from one target to another on cue. I am not picky about species: parrots, raptors, etc welcome. I'll bring my portable studio to your home/facility to photograph on your property.

Where: Toronto, Ontario (within ~2 hours drive)

What you'll receive if selected to participate: Free photography session for selected animal(s), at least one web sized digital image of each animal, discount on purchase of wall art for your home if desired.

When: To be determined. We will find a mutually convenient date later this year.

Please pardon the lack of photo in this post. I don't have any photographs of birds, and I'd like to change that!

I'd really like to find a great fit for what I'm looking for. I know that I might have a bit of a tricky time finding the perfect model. Please share with your avian aficionado friends and anyone who you think might like to win a free photo session.

This is open to both private and professional handlers.

If you're interested, drop me a private message or post in this thread. Tell me a bit about yourself, your animals and your training!

Just for fun: Musings on lingering pigment on dogs after a photo session

The more I experiment with dogs + powder, the more I learn. There are all sorts of small things that I never thought much about before I began experimenting with this series that I spend odd amounts of time thinking about now. Today I'm thinking about pigment.

Short story: some pigment lingers longer than others

Photo for dramatic illustrative effect.

Photo for dramatic illustrative effect.

Longer story

I've used powder on my dog, Cohen, twice now. The first time, I used magenta for some jumping photos. The second time, I used green for some footage for a video we're developing.

After the first session, Cohen's whites were white again after 3 days. No bathing was required - it simply fell right off her.

It's now been three weeks since the second session and Cohen. Is. Still. Green. ACK! (I don’t even LIKE green!)

Nothing has changed, care-wise, between these two sessions. She had not been recently bathed beforehand (which I felt might strip the coat of protective oils) and hasn't been bathed afterward (which I felt might make the pigment hold more fast). And yet, Cohen's beautiful white collar still has a distinctive green tinge...

It’s time for a bath.

I routinely ask clients to report back to me about how long it takes for the colour to fade from their dogs' coats. Things like coat texture certainly do affect how the colour lingers. But now I can confirm that the pigment behaves differently from one colour to another. And information from clients seems to confirm it.

Reds and pinks seem to fall off pretty quickly. Green seems to stick around. I don't yet have sufficient information to speak about the other colours.

I thought it was interesting! Perhaps you will as well, and it will inform your decision on the colour you wish to use for your own coloured powder action session.

Do you have an experience of your own to share? Please do so!

Interested in a shoot of your very own? Contact me to discuss it further.

On top of everything else, I do cats now too.

I had a furry celebrity come by my studio recently! Tonic, the real star of the new Pet Semetary movie, dropped in to say hello, along with his feline compatriot, Sashimi. They were kind enough to pose for me while I tried my hand at photographing cats. My goal for this session was to emphasize rim lighting to create soft and elegantly lit portraits.

Studio ACTION photography!

Regular readers might recall that I set out into 2019 with the intention of learning more about using artificial lighting in my photography. After experimenting in my in-home studio for a few brief months, I jumped into the deep end with action photography. I wasn’t too sure if I’d be successful in creating images that were up to my standards beforehand, but, well, mission succeeded! I’m thrilled with these shots. What do you think?

We also had a film crew present this day, capturing footage for some very cool upcoming projects. It was quite the event!

Stay tuned for more images posted to my social media channels as I finish them.

Rush | Powder Explosion

If things aren’t exploding now and again, it means you’re not trying hard enough.
— Gwendolyn Clare
Rush explosion.png

© Jess Bell Photography

Want a shot like this of your dog? Join me June 15th in Ontario for an open coloured powder group session. Tell your friends! Contact me for more details.

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