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Coloured Powder Group Session Information

My coloured powder photos have gained enormous traction since the moment they were released, going viral all over the world. They’re available both as part of an individual photo shoot, or available as powder-only sessions for groups of five to ten participants.

The set up

During these sessions, I set up an outdoor studio at your agility field! I supply a large black backdrop and studio lighting, and come armed with a camera specifically designed for photographing action. With this set up, the detail which I am able to capture is unsurpassed.

I supply an assortment of coloured powder from which you and the other group attendees can select the colour for their dog(s). There are 10 colours to choose from, and we will use one colour per dog.

I supply a single jump. If weaves are desired, they must be supplied by the location we are using.

the process

This is captured in-camera and is not a digital effect simply stamped onto a photo after the fact. We apply powder to your dog and let ‘r rip!

This is a group event for a reason. To keep this session running smoothly, I ask that everyone come prepared to both handle their own dog and help with their friends’.

There are normally two people involved per dog: the helper (who places powder on the dog before each repetition) and the handler (who calls their dog through the obstacle and rewards). It’s just that simple!

Dogs should have good independent obstacles for these shots, as handlers will be ~15 feet away as I take photographs.

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When you schedule a group photo session, you will receive:

  • A photographic session with Jess Bell Photography

  • One bag of coloured powder for your dog.

  • My travel nearby the Greater Toronto Area. Mileage beyond GTA is charged at $0.75/km and will be split between all attendees.

  • Professional image editing.

  • One digital file (watermarked, 2048 px on long edge).

Additional dog(s) per handler: $99 each (includes digital image of each)
Additional images: $79 each

Group session participants received a 20% discount from my standard price list on all pieces of wall art purchased (stretched canvas, metal prints). 

Galleries can be prepared of each dog for $30. Otherwise I will select what I deem to be the best image(s) with which to work.

Every single purchased image is painstakingly and professionally hand-edited to achieve my characteristic, signature look. Simple photographs become works of art worthy of hanging on your walls.

What do I need to know?


Pigment tends to linger on dogs for a few days afterwards. From my experience, I recommend to NOT bathe your dogs before or after the shoot. Bathing before will remove oil from your dog’s coat that would act as a buffer to the pigment, and bathing after seems to make the pigment hold more fast. I’ve had the best success just letting the powder fall out over the course of a few days.

After we’re done working with each dog, I recommend you towel them off thoroughly, brush, then repeat.

The coloured powder I use is non-toxic and safe to use with your dogs. However, like all powder, it’s best to avoid inhaling it. We take every precaution to avoid this (shooting outdoors with lots of ventilation, only ever cuing forward momentum, keeping powder behind the head at all times).

You can find more information on it here in my FAQ blog post on the subject.

What about other sports other than agility?

I welcome people from other sports to attend these powder sessions. Disc! IPO! You can even just play fetch with your dog! As long as we can find a way to use the powder safely, I welcome us doing so!

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I normally schedule sessions 2-3 months in advance. Booking early is recommended. Contact me to discuss availability.

Generally I ask that clients try to organize interested parties themselves so you’re working with people you know during the session. However, if you’re interested in a group session but cannot locate anyone else, let me know and I may be able to put a group together.


The payment of $249 for each attendee is due at the time of booking to hold the date in my calendar. The outstanding session fee, including mileage charges and add-ons, will be invoiced to you once your photos are complete. The finished images will only be released to you once payment has been received in full.


A signed contract must be completed prior to our session. This serves as a release for you and your animal(s).


Behind the scenes - all hands on deck!

As you can see from these behind the scene photographs, this is an involved and very fun process for everyone. For group sessions, I ask that everyone come willing to help out with everyone else’s dogs and be ready to get a little dirty. It’s all part of the process!